Changing Gears – Digital or Bust

How it all started - Jon Schlaich / Catchy Creative

Creative Redirection

Career Opportunities Amid Pandemic Pandemonium

After being laid off from nearly two decades of full-time employment as a CPG designer, I decided to take my career in a completely different direction and enrolled in the accelerated digital marketing program at York University. 

Coached by some of the industry’s top marketers, York’s program taught how to vet and use current industry tools, recognize emerging trends, maximize digital opportunities, and boost client’s share of voice. Unlike other programs, York’s also dove into business agility, enabling me to launch my own agency, Catchy Creative.

After an incredibly successful first year in business, looking back at the program, I can honestly say I’m both mind blown and blessed.

From Graphics to full out Digital Solutions

While Catchy Creative still offers graphic design services, refocusing on digital marketing has allowed us to become more of a full service agency. I’ll be honest, watching daily site traffic growth is something you can get pretty excited about – we took one of this past year’s clients from 233 monthly visitors to 54,000. Changing gears has allowed us to build deeper relationships with clients. Sharing in their success is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Put Your Trust in a Certified Expert.

To display this badge, I must pass yearly Google certification exams while maintaining optimization scores above 70% (we shoot for above 90%).

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